Imray M30 - Southern Adriatic and Ionian Seas

Watervaste jachtkaart in plastic hoes.
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Dubrovnik to K?rkira (Corfu) and Sicilia

1:850,000 WGS84

Covers the area from East Sicily, the Strait of Messina and southern Italy to Corfu and north to Dubrovnik. This important passage chart links M23 Adriatic Sea with the Imray-Tetra charts for Greece. The first of a new series on Italy.

Plans included:

  • Approaches to Brindisi
  • Approaches to Siracusa

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    Door het omruilsysteeem van Imray is in onze winkels altijd de meest recente editie aanwezig. Zie ook het overzicht van West Europa.

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